Steel Fabrication

There is little that frustrates general contractors and project owners more than delayed construction schedules due to waiting on structural steel delivery to the jobsite. Since delivery is typically dictated by the steel fabricator's sequence of production rather than the builder’s project construction schedule, waiting is inevitable. Unless you’re doing business with Plyler Construction.

We have our own 85,000 square foot structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication facility. In addition to structural steel, our team of professionals fabricates galvanized, aluminum and stainless duct systems. We pre-assemble piping systems, allowing most welds to be completed with greater quality and efficiency, thus reducing on-site installation.

Our in-house fabrication and delivery capabilities enable us to maintain the best possible project schedule. Bottom line: the job gets done faster. Shorter construction schedules mean lower costs, quicker occupancy and a quicker stream of revenue for the customer.

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