Whether your company manufactures state-of-the-art medical equipment, high-tech semiconductors, processed foods, pharmaceuticals or a product in a plethora of other industries, you need a builder with the technical and construction experience to deliver a manufacturing facility that enhances your company’s productivity.

At Plyler Construction we consider such factors as your research and development needs, laboratory space, workflow and energy requirements. We understand that people are your most valuable resource, so we design manufacturing facilities with the human element in mind.

Plant construction presents an entirely new level of challenges that many construction companies simply aren’t prepared to overcome. That’s where Plyler Construction’s in-house MEP expertise is invaluable. We have the expertise and experience to support the design team regarding decisions about operations, maintenance and equipment.

As with all of our projects, Plyler Construction takes a ‘safety-first’ attitude toward your plant construction. We constantly evaluate innovative construction processes and plant design to improve performance. Whether you need to upgrade or expand your existing plant, or design and construct a new plant, Plyler Construction is your single source for designing and building your project.  

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