Plyler History

In 1962, when Lloyd Plyler decided to locate the headquarters of Plyler Construction in the North Texas town of Sherman, he envisioned a company that would deliver such reliable project management and accountability that clients would become friends, and those friends would become repeat customers.

The young builder knew that to accomplish that goal, he needed to do something other than ‘business as usual.’ In addition to his fresh enthusiasm and impeccable work ethic, Plyler brought with him a commitment to new ideas in the construction trade. Three generations of family leadership at Plyler Construction has continued that tradition of innovation.

Employing this integrated approach to building gave Plyler Construction a solid, proprietary, ‘the buck stops here’ mentality; and provided clients with the best value for meeting their goals for scheduling, cost and quality.

With one foot firmly planted in the traditional values of hard work, craftsmanship and integrity, Plyler Construction placed the other foot squarely in the realm of innovation and ingenuity. In construction, as in most areas of business, time is money; and wasted time is wasted money. Bottle necks and pinch points in the process prevent subcontractors from doing their jobs. In 1970, Plyler Construction took steps to speed production and maximize efficiency by establishing a Steel Fabrication and Erection division and a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) division. By bringing these elements under Plyler Construction’s direct control, Plyler's project managers, crew leaders, and tradesmen could work in tandem, coordinate manpower and materials, and get the job done right, on-time and on-budget.

Plyler Construction benefits from its third generation of family leadership embracing the founder’s ideals and conservative financial-management philosophy. Qualities like job safety, management reliability, timely project completion and overall accountability aren’t just words. They are part of our corporate culture; ingrained in our staff from the top levels of senior management to the individual craftsmen on-site. It’s what drives us to employ the latest technology to plan, estimate, schedule and monitor the projects our clients entrust to our care. It’s what causes us to treat your project, like it was our project. Construction is our business, and in the process builds relationships.

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