Educational Facilities

Quality learning requires quality educational facilities, but with today’s tight budgets educational administrators are tasked with making every dollar do double-duty at least. Beyond the needs of constructing a quality building, educational facilities must meet the unique needs of students, faculty and administrators. Those needs could include cafeterias, auditoriums, laboratories, athletic facilities and parking lots.

At Plyler Construction, we understand the unique challenges of our clients in the education community, and we have the resources to help develop a balanced approach to the project that addresses the needs of each of the institution’s constituent – students, faculty, administrators and facility managers.

As educators, you expect not only proficiency, but excellence from your students. You should expect nothing less from your builder. Whether your project is for public education, a private school or higher education, Plyler Construction has the experience and innovative spirit to deliver a superior facility that will help make learning, and teaching, a pleasure.

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